casting callThis is a culmination of work, featuring my most recent project, Lucky, as well as other short videography assignments from previous semesters.

Let’s start with Lucky.


Lucky was a semester long senior project executed under the direction of our professor, Thomas Andre. As Co-Director & Graphic Designer of this film, duties such as planning a casting call, costume shopping, renting equipment and booking locations all fell on our shoulders.


(Not to mention the entire process of actually making the film.)


((Oh, I almost forgot, we did the sound design ourselves too.))

Check out the first couple days of filming by watching some behind-the-scenes footage above!

2012 Demo Reel – Featuring various After Effects projects over the past few semesters.

Heads Up Display Effect (HUD) – I’m Iron Man! Thanks to a neat project, some vector elements, and a little motion tracking. Created using Adobe After Effects & Illustrator.

Green Screen & Compositing – Oh no! A good dream goes wrong as I work with green screening, hand drawn characters, and silly music. Created using a combination of Adobe After Effects, Hand Drawn Illustrations, and Photoshop.

Color Grading – Go back in time with this fun color grading project! This was a chance to experiment with multiple shots, quick cuts, and fluid editing. Created using Adobe After Effects.

Cloning & Masking – Am I seeing double!? This was a fun project working with masks and cloning in Adobe After Effects.

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